Hillary Clinton 'apologised to Barack Obama' on election night

Hillary Clinton 'apologised to Barack Obama' on election night


On election night, Clinton made the call she truly never expected to make, phoning Donald Trump to concede defeat.

"Mr. President, I'm sorry", she said, according to a Washington Post's review of the book due out Tuesday. Yes, Clinton was doing well in some places, but Donald Trump's numbers in Republican areas were inconceivably big.

She told Trump that she was committed to country's success and "that means your success as president". I asked why, thinking perhaps Clinton was going to meet off-the-record with reporters, but she was vague. He urged her to concede defeat.

He also crosses swords with campaign chairman John Podesta, who is twice his age and steeped in official Washington, an intimate advisor to both Clintons and President Obama.

Moments later, Obama was back on the phone, this time making a consolation call.

The book also includes an anecdote from July, 2016 when Clinton and Obama traveled aboard Air Force One to their first joint campaign rally.

"It's the president", Abedin said.

According to Parnes and Allen, the Clinton campaign reached out to the Sanders team in September 2016 after she had defeated Sanders in the Democratic Primary under dubious circumstances. The Clinton aides askedSanders to useher campaign slogan, "I'm with her".

Hillary Clinton at a news conference at the New Yorker Hotel on November 9 after her election loss. After it appeared Clinton had not come to terms with the election results, hoping a few close states would fall in her favor, she received a call from the president himself. She subsequently had a series of upsets in states including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

"After Trump had questioned the legitimacy of the election, the last thing Obama wanted was for Hillary to reinforce that message. I just lost, and that is that", she continued.

The two candidates were brought to the line and Mrs Clinton conceded.

As she took the call in a hotel anteroom, Mrs Clinton knew she had "let her country down" and that Mr Obama's legacy lay "shattered at Donald Trump's feet", the book claims.

The call from Obama, according to the book, "crystallized everything for Hillary". She wasn't ready for this conversation.

"He couldn't understand what possessed Hillary to set up the private e-mail server, and her handling of the scandal- obfuscate, deny, and evade- amounted to political malpractice", the authors wrote. When she'd spoken with Obama just a little bit earlier the outcome of the election wasn't final yet.

But let's say he had the right model - would Clinton have had a winning strategy, or would she have known she was going to lose? She had let herself down.

  • Terrell Bush