Mountain Lion Slinks Into Home, Takes Barking Dog

A mountain lion is suspected of snatching a dog from a California bedroom where a woman and a small child were sleeping.

An adult witness, who was not identified in the report, said she was awakened to her dog barking loudly and saw the shadow of an animal push through the partially-opened French doors of her bedroom, grab her dog from its bed and exit the bedroom.

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is reminding residents on the Peninsula to lock and secure their homes after a reported mountain lion attack in Pescadero.

Deputies searched the area and found paw prints the Sheriff's Office believes to belong to a mountain lion.

Fought's daughter said she heard Lenora let out a bark she had never heard before from the dog. Fought said she did not see the lion's head, but could tell by its size and the way it walked exactly why Lenore went silent. She and her daughter Catalina Peso were also in bed when the mountain lion slipped into the room through their double doors.

"The family is really shaken up by this", Sheriff's spokesman Detective Sal Zuno said, adding that none of the home's three residents were injured.

Authorities called the incident "very rare".

The Department of Fish and Wildlife were notified about the incident, but a wildlife warden said there was no evidence of the lion outside what Fought had already discovered, according to NBC.

"If you're in San Mateo County, especially in the rural, wooded areas, the chances of you coming across natural wildlife is pretty high", Zuno told The Post. "We had one open a few inches or so, I don't know, maybe six or eight inches wide", Fought explained.

"But mountain lions are wild animals, they're hunters", he said. The dog's carcass has not been found, but bloodstains were found near the door - the lone signs of an intruder, Fought told CBS.

They usually keep their distance from homes, but a couple years ago, Fought says one attacked their horse.

  • Kyle Peterson