Is Elizabeth Warren Prepping Her 2020 Presidential Run?

The senator, during a Tuesday "Today" show appearance promoting her new book "This Fight is Our Fight", dismissed the idea that the publication signaled her interest in a presidential bid.

"Are you kidding?' Warren said when she was told by CBS interviewer Chip Reed that 'poop" is a 'goody two-shoes favorite curse word'.

Warren, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, is often floated as a potential challenger to the president in 2020. But USA Today report that Warren began writing her latest book 15 years ago and assumed that Hillary Clinton would be in the White House by the time it was published. She said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) won't make eye contact or say hello to her now (likely due to the fallout from him silencing her on the Senate floor).

But while Warren's populist economic message has largely remained consistent throughout much of her public life, she cast much of her vision as a repudiation of the Trump administration's positions on climate change, college affordability, and healthcare.

From there, Warren will head to Boston's famous Old South Church and Mt. Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts, before making stops at Chicago's Music Box Theater, Washington D.C.,'s Sixth and I Historic Synagogue and the 1,400-seat Alex Theater in Los Angeles. "This is my 11th book".

"OK, you're not biting, I get it", Lauer said. I kind of think you need more experience before you run for president of the United States.

Republicans may think that they have a chance of winning Warren's seat, they don't, but the real objective of this exercise is to start preparing for a run for president by Sen.

'Have you ever seen a woman like me look you straight in the face after you've finished some long explanation of something and then just said poop?'

  • Rogelio Becker