Rangers Release Josh Hamilton, Who Will Undergo Knee Surgery

The Texas Rangers released Josh Hamilton from his minor league contract Friday after another knee injury, perhaps signalling the end of the 2010 AL MVP's career.

Texas said Hamilton injured his right knee while rehabbing from a February procedure to fix the meniscus in his left knee. In a brief statement, Hamilton said he was disappointed but was not discouraged that his knee issues would not give him the opportunity to play at some point during this season.

Hamilton underwent four operations on his left knee in just over a year (he re-injured it during spring training).

Hamilton last played in a big-league game in 2015.

Set to turn 36 next month, it's fair to wonder if Hamilton-who's a career.290 hitter with 200 home runs and 701 RBI-has much gas left in the tank. I want to thank the Rangers and all of the great fans for the support and encouragement.

Joe Daniels the Texas general manager said he was not sure about the details involving the next surgery, but did say it was significant and Hamilton could not play this year.

"I think with the number of knee surgeries he's had - I'm not a doctor, but the odds are pretty challenging to overcome", Daniels said of the chances the Rangers might re-sign a healthy Hamilton in the future.

Hamilton was the No. 1 overall pick out of high school by Tampa Bay in 1999.

The left-handed slugger joined the Rangers in an offseason trade, starting his five-year All-Star run in 2008.

Hamilton's career went into a deep decline and he hit 31 homers in two seasons with the Angels before they dealt him back to the Rangers. His minor league contract called for a $20,000 monthly salary.

This is the final year of his major league contract, and the Angels are paying the Rangers $22 million, which covers most of the $24 million Hamilton is due.

Josh Hamilton's playing career might very well be over.

  • Stacy Allen