Tennessee kidnapping suspect wanted to take teen to Mexico, court documents say

Investigators say ex-Maury County teacher Tad Cummins planned to escape to Mexico by boat with his former student, 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas. She said Elizabeth is in a mental health facility where she is being treated. The 29-year-old Tennessee native said Cummins used a fake name and said they had lost everything in a fire in Colorado and needed a place to stay.

"These allegations do not involve force, threats or coercion", Galloway said.

A Tennessee high school teacher, charged with taking a student to a California commune to continue a sexual relationship, had his initial appearance in a Sacramento federal courtroom Monday.

"What do you say in these circumstances?"

The Tennessee teacher was arrested Thursday and the teen was recovered in Northern California after a nationwide search. Cummins faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

Quinn said in an interview on NBC's TODAY show that she was able to speak with her brother three times after his arrest and that while "he's done this frightful thing that he has to pay for, he's still my brother, and I love him". "You have to always ask yourself, 'Is this appropriate that so-and-so is spending so much time with my child, or my young teenager?'" said Dr. Rebecca Bailey, a California-based psychologist since 1991 who has worked with young victims and serves as a consultant for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "It was kind of a roller coaster of emotions for her".

"I pretty much just was like, 'Hey, remember when...' or, 'Hey, remember when...' And it's a amusing joke I told her", Danielle said. There was not availability to food all the time, is the understanding.

Cummins allegedly plotted their getaway from the moment he was suspected of having an improper relationship with the teen, according to a motion filed by federal prosecutors Monday supporting detention for Cummins.

But her sister is "very happy" and pleased to eat food, drink coffee and shower.

But instead of going to the beach, police said he picked up the student in Columbia, Tennessee, in his wife's vehicle on the morning of March 13 and headed west. I am glad you are back.

Cummins also faces state charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor.

One of Elizabeth's schoolmates reported seeing her and Cummins kiss in his classroom on January 23, according to a school district investigative report, but both denied the claim.

The pair's disappearance generated more than 1,500 tips, a sighting in Oklahoma City and Amber alerts in Tennessee and Alabama.

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