Amazon's $200 Echo Look Will Judge Your Fashion Sense

An Amazon representative told Ars there's also one physical button on the side of the Echo Look that electronically disconnects the camera and mics.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

The Echo Look is now available by invitation only, which brings back memories of the first Echo speaker's launch.

The Echo Look, is a hands-free camera which receives your commands through Alexa.

The Echo Look is quite intriguing, and despite Amazon's focus on women in product media, any sex or gender can use it. By comparison, the standard Amazon Echo costs $179.99, the portable Amazon Tap is $129.99 and the smaller Echo Dot costs $49.99. The Look has a depth-sensing camera that blurs a photo's background, making pictures appear more professional.

But there's also a built-in feature called Style Check which uses "advanced machine learning algorithms" as well as "advice from fashion specialists" to pick the best outfit for you if you let it look at two different options.

Alexa, the female-voiced artificial intelligence embedded in Amazon's Echo, can help eliminate some of life's minor inconveniences, such as flipping a light switch or checking movie times.

Like the original Echo, the $200 Look is now available only through a personal invitation from Amazon. This means owners will be able to ask it for weather updates, news, and other information, and it's compatible with Amazon's existing Alexa app.

The Echo Look, which works kind of like a smart mirror, comes with an app for iOS and Android devices. What real-world woman needs to start each day with a professional-looking, head-to-toe photo? It also has video for seeing how you're dressed at every angle.

For now, the Amazon Echo Look is available on an invite-only basis.

Did Amazon just reinvent the closet?

  • Joey Payne