Nine security officials killed in vehicle bomb attacks in Mosul

Baghdad said it has its own plans and strategies to face future challenges by advancing the Iraqi army through training and arming its forces.

Iraqi forces supported by the US-led worldwide coalition have moved to the final assault on Mosul as the forces try to retake the town from terrorists still staging resistance.

In Iraq, a rocket attack destroyed the school, which is located near the city of Mosul.

While some U.S. forces are carrying out combat operations with Iraqi forces on and beyond front lines in the fight against Daesh, Al-Abadi has maintained that the forces are acting only as advisers, apparently to get around a required parliamentary approval for their presence.

Due to recent flooding of the Tigris River all makeshift crossing points have been dismantled by the Iraqi military, temporarily cutting off the two sides of Mosul city.

The US and its allies have been providing aerial support to the Iraqi forces backed by Shia paramilitary Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

"So many of my neighbors and friends have died". The army initially planned to transport people using steamboats when they took down the pontoons, but now say they have run out of gas. After all, the last time US troops pulled out of Iraq, they were back just three years later.

Footage taken by a drone operated by the Iraqi Ninth Armoured Division over the northwestern suburb of Musherfa and seen by Reuters, showed the militants had scant defences there, unlike in other parts of Mosul where streets are blocked by anti-tank barriers and vehicles.

Smoke is seen as members of the Iraqi Army clash with Islamic State fighters at a frontline in north west of Mosul, Iraq, May 5, 2017.

Iraq's prime minister has said there will be no lingering United States combat troop presence in his country after the battle to remove Daesh is finished, contradicting earlier reports.

  • Rogelio Becker