May 2017 security updates released for Google's Pixel and Nexus devices

May 2017 security updates released for Google's Pixel and Nexus devices


According to XDA Developers, the bulletin comes with updated security patches for recent vulnerabilities along with fixes for a wide range of other critical to low-level issues in Android-based devices. These security updates may not be available for these devices after October 2017. Google has guaranteed Android OS support till October 2018, and security patches will continue to roll out till October 2019.

As far as when you will receive the Android Security Bulletin if you have an Android device, that will depend on which type of device you own. The 2017-05-05 addresses all previous security patch level strings, it said. The second patch will fix more specific Android problems that only impact certain manufacturers or products. Another security patch string dated 2017-05-05 will be aimed at fixing new vulnerabilities discovered up to this point.

With Google I/O 2017 approaching, attention turns to the next iteration of the Pixel hardware despite not actually likely to appear at the actual Google event. These two models performed very well and also the users are really very much satisfy with them.

This month's update patches six critical vulnerabilities in Mediaserver, an Android component that handles the processing of image and video files.

Beyond those issues we also see that there are eight high-risk flaws and five moderate-risk flaws being fixed.

First of all these two upcoming models will be powered by QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 Chipset which is the latest version of QUALCOMM Snapdragon Chipsets and also google is trying to give Android O 8.0 version in these models which is an upcoming android version. Depending on the position of Mediaserver, certain devices can have their data fully compromised if they are hacked. The Nexus and Pixel devices will get the update first. You can expect the over-the-air update for other Android devices within the next few weeks.

  • Terrell Bush