Paul Ryan: Democratic Push For Special Prosecutor "Not A Good Idea"

Ryan says "I'm going to leave it to the president to talk about and defend his tweets".

"This involves intelligence collection". "But, as I said to you a minute earlier, let these investigations go where the facts may lead". I think he made an important command decision that - decision that is in his right to do it.

A student returns the microphone after asking House Speaker Paul Ryan a question Friday at Badger High School in Lake Geneva.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is telling high school students that he tries to avoid looking at Twitter.

Ryan dismissed a further question on the subject, saying: "I'm focusing on what is in my control, and that is, what is Congress doing to fix people's problems".

The proposal, which has both supporters and critics among Republicans lawmakers, could help American workers and exporters who are struggling to compete against low-wage workers in other countries.

"I'm getting around seeing constituents all the time", Ryan said.

Ryan also spoke with high school students interested in business.

Ryan reminded Baier that the investigation thus far has not uncovered any evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russian Federation, so he believes the best way forward is to find a replacement for Comey "soon" and to follow the investigation through to its conclusion. And the president made a presidential decision and removed him.

Ryan also responded to criticism from Democrats and some constituents that he hasn't held recent town halls in the southern Wisconsin district he represents. In a pair of tweets sent Friday, Trump suggested he might do away with the daily press briefings at the White House and instead have his spokesmen communicate to the public only via "written responses". Let's get a capable person to replace him and let's just make sure that the men and women there at the Federal Bureau of Investigation keep doing their jobs. The students didn't ask about President Trump or current events during the 20-minute Q&A, and the speaker never said the president's name.

When speaking of the investigation into collusion between Russian Federation and the 2016 Trump campaign, Ryan said there are "no allegations there has been collusion".

"I'm doing it in different ways", Ryan said.

  • Annette Adams