Putin sits down at piano in China, plays Soviet songs

Pic: ReutersBEIJING: Russian President Vladimir Putin turned heads on social media after he performed a piano recital while waiting to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

"Budget money is never sufficient for anything but budget financing is not a panacea for all woes and is not the main instrument of economic development", Putin said. The first is considered an unofficial anthem for the city of St. Petersburg, with lyrics like "Listen, Leningrad, I'll sing to you my honest song". "It was quite hard to play, even for me, someone who plays with two fingers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of being responsible for the massive cyber attack that has been sweeping across the world since Friday.

Putin sat down and spontaneously played two Russian songs, "Moscow Windows" and "The City on the Free Neva River", Russia's Sputnik news agency reported. I can not say I played, I was just pressing the keys with two or three fingers. "But they chose to post it".

"Putin, is there anything you can't do?" a user asked.

The world's finest are in Beijing this week for the Belt and Road Forum, including Russian Bond-Villain-in-Chief and man of many talents, Vladimir Putin.

Putin was in Beijing to discuss China's new Silk Road plan, but the main news from the summit so far has been his casual moment at the piano.

Putin has said he wants to rebuild relations with the USA under President Donald Trump after ties all but collapsed under the Obama administration. In 2010, he took the stage at a charity concert with a jazz band to play and sing 'Blueberry Hills.' Not just this, but Putin is also fond of sea diving and hunting.

  • Rogelio Becker