Local elections: Full list of Scottish results published

James Kelly, Scottish Labour's general election campaign manager said: "It's clearer now than ever before that only Labour can defeat the SNP in vast swathes of Scotland".

Thursday's council elections saw the Conservatives gain 164 seats in Scotland to achieve a tally of 276.

Ms Davidson will claim the election in Scotland is "a two-horse race" between the Tories and SNP before outlining the "challenge" that faces her party on June 8.

Although it marked the first time that the SNP had managed to outpoll Labour in local elections, the outcome of those elections was, in truth, widely regarded as something as a disappointment for the nationalists.

The total turnout in the ward was 43.3 percent, an increase from the last local election in 2012 (34.85).

The former SNP leader said: "I think most people would have said that was a bad decision for the Prime Minister to break her word on the election, but as my dad always says you play the ball as it lies, and where the ball lies is we're fighting an election campaign and we intend to fight it and to win it".

"We've won this election today, or certainly we look as if we're on course to winning the election".

She said: "We will speak up for the millions of Scots who have had enough of the uncertainty and division of the last few years".

"And as for the General Election, while you've always got to be careful about extrapolating from one election to another, the issue for Scotland becomes quite clearly focused". The fact that the party won only 32% in the local elections would seem to raise questions about its ability to repeat that feat.

"We take nothing for granted but I'm confident that the strength of these local candidates will win through", the First Minister stated.

SNP group leader David Stocks was adamant there would be no coalition with the new Conservative group, but Labour leader Jim Logue refused to rule anything out at this stage.

The party needed to get all its candidates elected to retain its majority at the city chambers, which has been a Labour stronghold for almost 40 years.

Ms Hair also increased the party's share of the vote by 15% in Angus South in the Scottish Parliament election a year ago.

And although the SNP's share of the first preference vote may have held steady across Scotland as a whole as compared with 2012, it has not held up everywhere.

"SNP councillors and SNP councils will put their communities and the people of Scotland first".

A spokesperson for Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson downplayed the "good" results, telling the Guardian the party was "coming from an incredibly low base".

Green councillors can now be found in six local authorities, with the party's largest grouping in Edinburgh with six representatives.

The analysis also suggests that the party is ahead in Edinburgh South, which is now home to Labour's only MP in Scotland, Ian Murray.

  • Rogelio Becker