Top US lawmakers order Trump to turn over Comey conversation tapes

Criticism of the press office's handling of Comey's firing has been widespread in Washington, including inside the White House.

His removal was perceived as a blow to the independence of the bureau's ongoing investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

Back to the firing and the timing; President Trump was probably ready to fire Comey as soon as he was inaugurated but he chose to; maybe had to wait until he had the Attorney General situation in place and with the fight over Jeff Sessions he figured it better to hold off.

"They've been vetted over their lifetime, essentially, but very well known, highly respected, really talented people", the President said. He leans heavily on daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, as well as Hope Hicks, his trusted campaign spokeswoman and Keith Schiller, his longtime bodyguard.

Unless, of course, Comey leaks the truth. Bharara's commented, "What if instead his senior staff considered shaking up President Trump?" But Comey's firing triggered a new wave of Russia-related turbulence.

Trump spent most of the week out of sight, a marked change from a typically jam-packed schedule that often includes multiple on-camera events per day. All too often, they are on the early-early afternoon talking points when Trump already has moved on to make policy or political adjustment with the early-afternoon talking points.

When the White House nonetheless sought the ailing Ashcroft's blessing to proceed, Comey prepared to resign. Of those interviewed, 40 percent identified themselves as voters who cast ballots for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton past year while 37 percent said they voted for Trump.

Much of Trump's ire has been focused on the communications team, all of whom were caught off guard by Comey's ouster.

The former director of national intelligence says that in many ways, American political institutions are "under assault" today - by Russian Federation from the outside and President Donald Trump from the inside.

According to the director's notes, Comey did not respond directly to the president's entreaties, only agreeing with Trump's assertion that Flynn "is a good guy".

Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee vice-chairman, had said at Thursday's hearing that it was hard to avoid the conclusion that the firing was related to the FBI investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Clapper said he "would find that profoundly out of character for what" he knows of Comey "and his integrity" that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief would make such a pledge.

In an interview to Fox News, President Donald said, "Everybody's convinced: They say there is no collusion". "He's a little bit like a quarterback that gets ahead of his offensive line".

It seems you can thank the opinion page of The New York Times for expediting the release of President Donald Trump's plan to overhaul the USA tax code. With this question in mind, Daniel Jacobson, who was an attorney in the Obama White House, noted over the weekend that the Presidential Records Act - which, ironically, was created in part in response to Richard Nixon's secret recordings - would require that these recordings be archived. Aides were also eager for Trump's first foreign trip, a high-stakes blitz through the Middle East and Europe. The White House disputed that account. For example, White House approval of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's choice to be the department's top lawyer was delayed because the attorney, Brent McIntosh, had Twitter postings with links to articles criticizing Trump.

  • Rogelio Becker