Instagram adds face filters and other features to Instagram Stories

This feature for face filters is the last important feature from Snapchat that was not present on Instagram so far. Now Instagram is adding another fun feature to its app.

For its part, Snapchat recently introduced new AR features including World Lenses that apply effects to shots captured from the rear camera. It has updated eight such filters including various crowns, animals like koala, rabbit and a spinning math equation. Users can access them by opening up the camera interface in the popular app and tapping the new icon in the bottom right corner.

Instagram finally has face filters, and they look exactly same as that of Snapchat. By selecting a filter here, users will be able to capture a photo, video, boomerang, or Instagram's also new "rewind" mode - which plays videos in reverse. So when you fill and entire screen with color on an image, you can use the eraser brush to reveal certain parts of the photo underneath the color.

It seems unlikely that Instagram's new filters will pull users away from Snapchat, but that is not the only thing that Facebook wants.

Instagram did it again, but if you are wondering whether this means the photo-sharing social network has hit another major milestone, then you are wrong. Sounds familiar? This is exactly what Snapchat has been doing the whole time!

Facebook's habit of knocking off Snapchat is reaching a new level.

Not only that, you can now also add stickers to your photos which allow clickable Hashtags. Other new features include geostickers, tagging other users, video rewind feature and eraser. Once they're posted, people can simply tap and visit the hashtag page to explore related posts.

You can also add more context to your story with a new hashtag sticker.

Hashtag stickers do exactly what it sounds like: let you create a sticker that is a hashtag.

  • Joey Payne