Publicly-owned utilities will cut bills by £220 annually, says Labour

JEREMY CORBYN has defended his leadership style and insisted the Labour manifesto reflected the views of the entire party.

Speaking at the University of Bradford on Tuesday, a short walk from where the party was founded more than a century ago, the Labour leader promised to fund his pledges by increasing taxes on the highest earners and closing tax avoidance schemes.

Immediately guarantee all existing rights for European Union nationals living in Britain and secure reciprocal rights for Britons living elsewhere in the bloc.

The manifesto included a tax increase from 40% to 45% for salaries of between £80,000 (94,000 euros, $103,000) and £123,0000 a year, above which there will be a new 50% top rate of income tax.

Launching Labour's manifesto, Corbyn put the City's employers and high earners squarely in the party's crosshairs, pledging to crack down on "excessive pay".

Labour has said the income tax increases will raise £6.4 billion a year.

After the draft manifesto was leaked last week, some critics said Corbyn was taking Labour backwards instead of forwards with policies such as nationalisation.

"This is a programme of hope".

The manifesto includes pledges to raise taxes on the wealthy, nationalize public services, build affordable housing, invest in education, and, in what became a viral crowd favorite, install free WiFi on trains.

SNP depute leader Angus Robertson said numerous pledges were already being delivered in Scotland by the SNP administration. However, let's be clear - what we will be putting over is the type of leader Jeremy will be, and people will respect him, I think. "Sensible, costed and when tested, our policies are highly popular with the public", he told AFP.

If, as opinion polls indicate, he fails to win on June 8, it may be important for Mr Corbyn to show that all parts of the Labour movement were involved in the process if he seeks to hold on to his position as leader.

But writer Barnaby Neale, a Labour volunteer, said the "inspiring" manifesto would sway voters.

Corbyn's leadership of Labour has been under nearly constant threat from the party's moderate lawmakers since his surprise win in the aftermath of Miliband's defeat in the 2015 election.

But Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives immediately slammed the plan as "nonsensical" and not properly cost.

"It's ordinary working people who will pay for the chaos of Corbyn".

Labour says the £220 savings combine £100 from water bills and £120 from energy.

Labour estimates the proposals could raise around £4.5bn, but the Institute for Fiscal Studies questioned the calculations.

On the policy to further crack down on tax havens, ActionAid head of advocacy Charlie Matthews, said, "Stronger anti-tax haven rules could help to tackle corporate tax avoidance in the United Kingdom and around the world, including in some of the world's poorest countries".

Warning that "the stakes at this election could not be higher", Mr Hammond claimed that Labour's plans could reverse economic gains made over the past seven years and "take us right back to square one".

  • Joey Payne