Marshawn Lynch Says Raiders Move Inspired NFL Comeback

As many of you know, Lynch grew up in Oakland, played his college ball at Cal, and wanted to play for the Raiders before they relocate to Las Vegas in 2020.

But playing for his hometown Oakland Raiders, Marshawn might be turning over a new leaf.

There were football reasons for the Raiders to pursue Lynch, who is expected to replace Latavius Murray as Oakland's lead running back in one of the NFL's most dynamic offenses. But when we're talking a getting glimpse of Marshawn Lynch joining his new Oakland Raiders team, that constitutes legitimate hype.

"Being from home, you want to play at home or have the opportunity", Lynch said in a relatively brief press conference that covered hometown business and included some profanity. "Maybe them staying probably wouldn't have been so big for me to want to come play". ".it gives them an see somebody that actually did it from where they from and for the team that they probably idolize".

Tuesday afternoon marked an occasion about as rare as a solar eclipse or a sighting of bigfoot: Marshawn Lynch talked to the media.

"This is actually born and raised and bred pissing in them hallways and running down them alleyways", he said. A storybook ending would be to help the Raiders to a Super Bowl before they move to Vegas. So when you are going into something like that knowing that you got a whole, it ain't like I'm coming to y'all's city and I'm riding with y'all. "I've got a new Oakland behind me". "So, beside the billboards and all of that, I really just get out with the people".

That happened three weeks later when Seattle agreed to trade Lynch's rights to Oakland in a deal that included a swap of late-round draft picks in 2018. "I really did that right here and I get an opportunity to play here".

"The billboards is for the commercial people", Lynch said.

"It was heartfelt but at the end of the day I still walk outside", Lynch said.

Lynch made even greater rumblings once the Raiders left the practice field: He stood in front of microphones and spoke with reporters.

  • Santos West