'Wonder Woman' buries 'The Mummy' at box office

"Wonder Woman" lassoed the box office for a second straight weekend, burying Tom Cruise's "The Mummy" and belting another studio's bid to build a billion-dollar world of interlocking franchises.

Meanwhile, with weekday returns, Wonder Woman is now at $205 million in North America alone, and its strong hold bodes well for a long, prosperous run over many weeks.

The Mummy kicks off its United States box office run with a number 2 debut and $32.2 million, really not the sort of business Universal were expecting, add to that bad reviews and Cruise may start worrying. But those divisive movies got us to Wonder Woman, which, interestingly enough, is what beat The Mummy at the box office over the weekend. Unlike those two films, Patty Jenkins' has critical support - a current 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. "Kudos to the filmmakers". That's even better than the movie was expected to do in its second weekend, even with such positive reviews, press, and word of mouth. How are we to come together and bring peace to the planet if we can't even agree on whether or not Tom Cruise rebooting Brendan Fraser is a good thing? "Unfortunately in the USA, the critical acclaim wasn't there to the degree that people use that as a guidepost". After 10 days, Wonder Woman has lassoed some $70 million in the Middle Kingdom, according to Beijing box-office tracker Ent Group. "Beauty and the Beast" director Bill Condon is set to helm "Bride of Frankenstein".

Universal nevertheless has big plans for its Dark Universe, with more editions already in various stages of development.

Internationally, The Mummy will bring in $169.3 million.

Executives at Universal insist that the Dark Universe - the studio's answer to Marvel and DC's superhero cinematic universes - does not rest on the success or failure of The Mummy, which was decimated by critics for turning an epic and sometimes campy tale into a modern-day action pic. There's nothing quite like having a built in audience at the box office.

Cruise is now filming Mission: Impossible 6 with Christopher McQuarrie, who also nabbed a writing credit onThe Mummy. Where available, the latest worldwide numbers also are included.

A24's apocalyptic horror film It Comes at Night and Bleecker Street's drama Megan Leavey, starring Kate Mara as a young Marine fighting in Iraq with her bomb-sniffing Combat Dog. The global number makes The Mummy Tom Cruise's biggest box office opening of all time.

"Alien: Covenant", $1.8 million ($1.6 million international).

  • Kyle Peterson