Sony Intros PlayLink Gaming Service That Pairs PS4 & Phones

Sony Intros PlayLink Gaming Service That Pairs PS4 & Phones


According to Sony, PlayLink recognises gestures likes taps, swipes, pinches, drags, tilts, and rotation, and you can even take selfies or doodle, depending on the game. Just like its name suggests, That's You! was created to help friends test their knowledge of one another and even get to know each other batter. The game puts players in control of a police detective and a district attourney who are investigating a series of crimes that have been commited in the city. Also, there are scant details on how Sony plans to expand the collection. Each player will theoretically be working together, but there will be several points in the story where one will be required to make a choice that could affect the entire group.

We're intrigued by this project's potential and look forward to playing Hidden Agenda when it releases sometime in 2017. Players will take wacky photos of each other, draw doodles on their smartphones, answer truth-or-dare-style questions, and play a number of other light-hearted mini-games meant to create a more social experience accessible to non-gamers. This makes the game heavily reliant on trust.

Hidden Agenda is part of a new initiative by Sony called PlayLink, which will enable a range of games that let you use iOS or Android devices as controllers. Others are planned and they include: Hidden Agenda (mystery), Knowledge Is Power (trivia), Frantics (arcade), and SingStar Celebration (singing). It'll be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on July 4th.

Hidden Agenda actually seems pretty cool, but I think I'll stick to Fibbage for now.

  • Terrell Bush