Impact of the new Apple App Store on app developers

Apple will impose limits on how many times apps may present a pop-up to ask you to review them on the App Store, 9to5Mac reported. App names are now limited to 30 characters - down from 50 - and these shortened titles can now be supplemented with a subtitle.

Lin explains how unethical developers are abusing Apple's App Store Search Ads platform and "taking advantage of the fact that there's no filtering or approval process for ads, and that ads look nearly indistinguishable from real results".

Apple has rolled out a new revenue stream for content creators.

The app then, full of typing errors and vague language, offers up a "free trial" which users confirm via the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The answer, apparently, is search ads.

Two other big omissions of the algorithmic purge on the app store has been the removal of the Top charts tab (demoting it to 2nd click within individual categories) and removing trending searches in the search tab.

Not all developers out there want your birth certificate and bathing schedule, but enough have proven themselves less than scrupulous over the years, so anything Apple and Google do to help users limit data collection and location tracking is always welcome. The take away is simple, Apple is moving from an algorithmic approach to editorial curated approach with the App Store. Currently, search ads are not live in iOS 11, which could hint at future improvements. We just learned that Apple has finally and officially updated the App Store Review Guidelines.

According to new rules, developers can not display the app review prompts whenever they wish too, instead now they have to follow 2 important points before doing so.

"These are the exact sort of apps that the App Store review process should be primarily looking to block", Gruber wrote on his Daring Fireball blog in response to Lin's research. Reportedly, Apple told several Chinese social networking apps, including WeChat, to disable their tip functions or risk being kicked off the App Store. As a result, entertainers and more content creators can make more money or even create higher quality digital content. Having said that, the new App store with cards layout looks stunning and the App store team has been very good in promoting unique content which makes me as a consumer excited for discovering new content.

  • Joey Payne