Microsoft Minecraft update brings more players together

Microsoft Minecraft update brings more players together


With the update, "Minecraft" players who are using Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch will have access to the "Bedrock" version. Coming in the summer, the update will allow players on Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR to play together.

There was no mention of the Xbox One X console unveiled a day earlier by rival Microsoft in a heightened challenge to PS4.

This is a big change for Minecraft, and it should foster some interesting new cross-platform groups once the update drops and the new edition is made available on gaming consoles. Better Together is part of a larger push to transform Minecraft into a "creative platform".

You already can play with thousands of other Minecraft gamers on customized multiplayer areas called servers, but it's kind of a pain.

Interestingly, Sony does believe in the core concept of cross-platform play, particularly between PlayStation system and PC users. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One version of the game will cross with the Windows 10, virtual reality, and mobile versions. Additionally, players will be able to download the Super Duper Graphics Pack to play Minecraft in 4K resolution for the first time. Support for "Minecraft: Java Edition", which is the original PC game, will continue, according to IDownloadblog.

The Last of Us Part II and God of War will nearly certainly be the headliners of the showcase, both representing huge franchises for the PlayStation brand.

Furthermore, Better Together will also introduce cross-platform DLC support, so that any extra content that's purchased on one device will be accessible on any of the devices supported by the new update.

Microsoft has announced some fairly hefty update plans for Minecraft at E3 and the good news is that this will make an update to players across all platforms, hence the name Better Together Update.

Additionally, Microsoft will also add a server browser to the latest update, which launches with four servers including Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and Cubecraft.

  • Terrell Bush