Sri Lanka President attends India organised Yoga Day

"Since UN declared yoga day, June 21 has become a yoga festival day in all big and small cities in China", Manmohan Singh Bhandari, an Indian yoga expert who along with his Chinese wife Yin Yan runs a yoga training school Yogi Yoga, told PTI here.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared photographs of the Yoga Day celebrations in several countries through his Twitter handle.

The Indian High Commission in Pakistan also celebrated the International Day of Yoga with great fervor.

The events were held across the country with the support of local volunteer groups.

Verma said that the farmers will do Yoga and broing with them wheat, rice, sugarcane, milk and other agriculture produce to lodge their protest. He said that despite the government's opposition, lakhs of people from Bihar would also practice Yoga on the International Yoga Day.Mr Modi said it was the fear of backlash from fundamentalistforces, which had compelled CM to keep a silence on the issue of'triple talaque.

More than 1,500 people in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho took part in the third International Yoga Day on June 17.

His Yoga Yogi school has centres all over the country.

Sirisena performed a number of yoga asanas and encouraged yoga institutions in Sri Lanka to continue their good work in the event organised by the Indian Cultural Center here. It has written letters to different Ambassadors and Embassies and urged to make the event successful.

Meanwhile, Wenzhou today became the sixth city in China's eastern region to host the celebrations jointly organised by Consulate General of India, Shanghai along with Wenzhou Municipal People's Government.

More than 1000 yoga lovers from all over Wenzhou participated in the Yoga session at the event held at the scenic Dongtou Wanghai Pavilion.

Prime Minister Modi further emphasized that Yoga has come forth as a gift from India to the world, at a time when disruptive forces are tearing the world apart, adding that Yoga helps to unite the body, mind, soul and now is similarly uniting the world.

  • Rogelio Becker