System likely to develop, prompts warnings for Gulf Coast

But he says these systems tend to move more quickly than the models analyze and is expecting the area's wettest weather to be Thursday evening.

"Before those storms develop, we will see light rain off and on at times because of a tropical system that is moving into the Gulf of Mexico", Bridges said.

Please note there is still great uncertainty with the forecast, and until an area of low pressure develops it will be almost impossible to know which areas will receive the most rain.

The hurricane center said the rain and storms associated with the wave have gotten a bit better organized, and more slow development will be possible as the system moves to the west. If they become named storms, the next two names on tap are Bret and Cindy.

On Monday or Tuesday, a tropical or subtropical storm is likely to form.

There are plans for a flight into the storm by the hurricane hunters which will help give our computer models some much needed data and should improve the forecast confidence a bit over the next 24 hours.

It is way too early to say with any confidence exactly where this system will track.

One forecast model showing very heavy to extreme rainfall forecast for this week along the Gulf Coast region.

A map showing the area encompassing the tropical storm warning issued Monday afternoon.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Two is now about 815 miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands, moving swiftly toward the west. It could also help bring heavy rains to the Tampa Bay area early this week.

The National Weather Service in Mobile said rain chances along Alabama's Gulf Coast will begin to increase starting tonight as tropical moisture streams northward.

In NWS terminology, a tropical cyclone refers to a closed, low-level circulation system of clouds and thunderstorms originating over tropical or subtropical water.

However, sustained surface winds of between 40 to 50 knots (45 to 55 mph) with higher gusts on the northern periphery of the potential storm are expected to impact Barbados late Monday into Tuesday morning.

  • Annette Adams