Kenny Florian reveals Conor McGregor's best weapon against Floyd Mayweather

"So the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, people can say what they want, but it'll be entertaining".

"I hope he flattens Mayweather".

Mayweather won by majority decision, yet clearly won a 12-round fight one judge, C.J. Ross, somehow scored even (114-114).

A report from TMZ Sports suggests that Diaz cut ties with his agency before the fight but after the negotiations were done, and the fact that he shared none of the money he earned from UFC 202 has resulted in a lawsuit being filed. If, at 40, he fought McGregor at all, it would be in some armory in front of six hundred people.

The 26-year-old Alvarez's lone loss came against Mayweather in their September 2013 fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

"It was disrespectful. I would have thought (UFC president) Dana White would have a little more respect with this boxing event taking place", De La Hoya said. This is the middleweight fight the fans have been clambering for a long time...

Boxing fans, most of you know this regarding Mayweather, but it's not a given fans of MMA do.

Floyd's legacy is built upon one thing and that's being undefeated.

McGregor goes into the fight with zero boxing experience and all the confidence of the entire human race. Just another layer of proof that Floyd doesn't sign unless the deck is stacked to make him look good and insure he comes out on top, even when it's a rehearsed event. "I think that, more than anything, instead of deterring me, it motivated me to become a better fighter, a more complete fighter".

Alvarez said fans interested in true competition rather than a one-sided spectacle know where to find it.

Mayweather was talking to himself during the session saying, "I be trying to tell ya'll". One thing Conor McGregor is, is entertaining, and it's amusing that you say it's sports entertainment.

  • Stacy Allen