Overwatch Loot Boxes Being Adjusted to Reduce Duplicates

Any seasoned Overwatch player knows the feels of buying a new loot box and getting excited over a legendary item only to have it be a duplicate. Good news: Blizzard working to improve the situation by "drastically reducing the amount of duplicates", players will receive.

"We think this will be immediately evident and extremely significant for all of our players".

This will hopefully solve the super annoying problem of opening loot boxes during events, getting excited when you see a legendary-level item in there, and then being incredibly disappointed when it turns out you already have that skin. Players who were annoyed with the duplicates sold them for credits, and Blizzard acknowledged that, saying it would also increase the amount of credits players get in the loot boxes. To compensate for this, Blizzard is raising the number of credits you'll receive from loot boxes. Kaplan says that, from now on, loot boxes will simply award more credits to make up the difference.

"On average, players should be earning just as many credits, if not slightly more, from loot boxes than they did prior to these changes", the team said in the PTR blog update.

The other big change relates to in-game highlights. This includes the ability for players to capture 12 seconds of their own highlights using a single button press.

Overwatch fans are beginning to experience difficulties in finding major gameplay features worth complaining about. PC players will have the ability to export these at higher video settings than they can run, up to 4K and 60 FPS on Windows 8 or Windows 10. These auto-generated highlights-now categorized as "Today's Top 5"-will be surfaced on a daily basis and persist for a full 24 hours (or until the game client is patched, whichever happens first)".

The update to the highlight system will also allow players to export their highlights.

Also, players can record their Top 5 or Recently Captured highlights. Highlights will be saved in a new section named "Recently Captured", and you can have up to 36 highlights stored there at once.

  • Joey Payne