Watch Super Mario Bros World 1-1 recreated in Augmented Reality

Watch Super Mario Bros World 1-1 recreated in Augmented Reality


We've already plenty of awesome applications of HoloLens augmented reality prowess, but arguably none have been as cool as this. The life-sized game even features the Fire Flower, which allowed Singh to launch fireballs by gesturing with his hands where he wanted them to go. He played while walking around Central Park in New York City, which is equal parts wonderful and hilarious, especially when people walk by without taking a second look at the costumed guy with a headset on jumping around the park. Singh has now published a brand new video on YouTube that shows a working demo he has made specifically for Microsoft's #augmented reality headset, the Microsoft Hololens. If you're familiar with the level then you will see right away how impressive this demo really is - having everything you would expect out of a Mario Bros. game. Given that players would need huge open spaces to play - Singh said the final level was around 110 meters - it doesn't seem practical. However, Singh has considered the possibility of making the coding public so that developers (both professional and hobbyist) will be able to play around with it and potentially improve on it as well.

KitGuru Says: Well-made AR games can sometimes feel like they are in another castle when browsing what's out there, but Singh has done a wonderful job with this one.

Everyone knows Super Mario Bros., but there's no way you've ever seen the game like this before.

  • Terrell Bush