Texas mom says she locked 2 kids in hot vehicle, killing them

WEATHERFORD, Texas (AP) - Texas authorities say a 24-year-old woman has been charged in the deaths of her two children who were found inside a hot auto last month outside the family's home. Temperatures that day reached into the mid-90s.

Randolph stated she was inside her residence folding laundry and watching television, as the children played in an enclosed back porch, visible from the living room.

KTLA 5 reported that, Captain Mark Arnett, an officer with the Parker County Sheriff's Office said the daughter and son of the Texas mom were playing in their house when they seemingly "disappeared".

According to the Parker County Sheriff's Office, when asked how long the children might have been exposed to the high temperatures inside the vehicle, Randolph responded immediately: "No more than an hour".

Emergency medical personnel was contacted.

The children were pronounced dead about a half-hour after authorities were notified.

At the time Randolph said the kids were exposed to the extreme temperatures in the auto for "no more than an hour". Randolph's immediate response was, "no more than an hour".

When Randolph was arrested this Friday, she told a completely different tale.

Throughout multiple interviews, Randolph created several variations of the events which lead to the death of her children.

Randolph said that both children apparently "took off" and that after searching the area they were found locked inside a small four-door vehicle on the property, according to the release. Her daughter, Juliet Ramirez, 2, and 1-year-old son, Cavanaugh Ramirez, had been playing in the vehicle without their mother's permission, and her daughter refused to get out of the auto when Randolph ordered her to get out, so to teach her children a "lesson", Randolph left them inside the auto.

Authorities also claim that Randolph admits to leaving her children behind in the vehicle, while she smoked marijuana and passed out for a few hours.

  • Rogelio Becker