Germany Likely to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage This Week

"Now we look forward to the chancellor's speech".

The episode comes in the wake of escalating tension between the USA and Germany.

Merkel then took the stage.

And it's hardly a sign that relations between Germany and the United States are improving ahead of the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg, where Merkel and Trump will cross paths; the German chancellor has already warned the talks will be "controversial". German officials said earlier that Ross had canceled a trip to Berlin to address the meeting in person.

Mr Ross has previously said he hoped to complete by the end of June a national security study of the U.S. steel industry that could result in broad new steel import restrictions.

The Trump administration has been a tough crowd when it comes to Germany's policies.

"I am in favor of resuming negotiations on such a free trade accord and to jointly solve all the problems", the conservative chancellor said at the economic forum organized by its Christian-Democratic Union (CDU).

German government backs restarting TTIP talks
Merkel Says Germany Is Providing Jobs For Americans

Wilbur Ross said at the end of May that he was open to continuing the TTIP negotiations (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

Germany's Economy Ministry later weighed in to the debate, saying Ross's criticism "contained nothing new" and dismissing a report he is compiling on the potential risks to the USA of steel imports - a document that Germany fears could have grave consequences for its own steel industry.

The commerce department is invoking a Cold War-era trade law that allows the president to limit imports of certain products and materials deemed critical for national defense.

"We have absolutely no ground to believe that German steel exports to the USA pose a threat to the country's security", ministry spokeswoman Tanja Alemany told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday. One of his first acts as president was to withdraw the USA from a similar free trade deal with the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2015 Merkel said she thought the word Ehe (marriage) should be reserved for unions between men and women.

Forsa said 52 percent of those polled would back Merkel for a fourth term if the chancellor were elected directly, a drop of 1 percentage point, compared with an unchanged 22 percent who would back SPD leader Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament.

  • Eleanor Harrison