Hint or troll? Gordon Hayward trainer follows Celtics players on IG

Free agent forward Gordon Hayward reportedly chose the Boston Celtics, according to a report from ESPN and confirmed by other outlets.

Seventeen minutes after Haynes' initial report, Wojnarowski quoted Hayward's agent, saying no decision had been made.

Hayward's decision marks the second consecutive offseason that a major star has chose to switch teams in free agency. On top of all that, Boston is led by Hayward's former college coach, Brad Stevens.

Soon enough however, more people started to report that Hayward to the Celtics was not a done deal just yet.

After signing Al Horford last year, Boston has reeled in another catch this year: Gordon Hayward.

The Jazz were already considered the winners of the trade that sent Rubio to Utah for a 2018 first-round draft pick.

Hayward was one of the most sought-after free agents this off-season because of his age and performance last campaign. The annual value of the first year of the deal will come out to $29.7 which includes a 5 percent raise each season. The Celtics now have a load of wings, but remember: they started Gerald Green in the playoffs previous year. Yes, Hayward will be joining the Boston Celtics, as the team, and general manager Danny Ainge, have finally landed the big fish they've been after for two years now.

The details of Hayward's contract have not been made available at this time. Some surmised the news leaked before Hayward had a chance to speak to the Jazz about his decision, leaving the forward and his camp to clean the mess before making things official.

The last Utah player to be selected to an All-Star Game was Deron Williams in 2011.

  • Stacy Allen