Spidey Faces The Vulture In New Spider-Man

Following the plot of the new film, the Spider-Man suit that players will try on is a new version made by the Stark Corporation, which offers multiple tricks and technical advances, as well as a virtual AI that will guide players in their adventure.

All three franchises, which span six movies including Homecoming, began with Peter Parker's rise to power. Watts revealed the advice he received from Marc Webb, who worked on the two The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Although it had retained rights to many and some that had been previously sold off had reverted back to them, the likes of Spider-Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four were still owned by other companies like Sony and 20th Century Fox.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a reboot in the sense that it takes us back through the early history of Peter Parker and his quest to become the superhero we all know and love, but the third time's the charm as Marvel steps in and brings in some powerful allies in ways that previous iterations haven't seen before.

Instead, the movie picks up (after a prelude introducing Michael Keaton as its not-terribly-inspired villain, the Vulture) where "Captain America: Civil War" left off.

Mumbai: Robert Downey Jr says actor Tom Holland is "perfect" to play Spider-Man as the young star is physically quite gifted. It is told in a way to appeal to the widest of audiences that are new to the super hero genre, fans of the MCU and hardcore fans of Spider-Man, who will appreciate all the "easter eggs" in the movie.

After the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel which is set to be released in 2019 following the untitled fourth Avengers film, the deal could be up for renegotiation.

  • Kyle Peterson