Trial of MH17 suspects to be held in Dutch court

MH17 was blown out of the sky July 17, 2014 on a routine commercial flight from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lampur, killing all 298 civilians on board.

The suspects who allegedly shot down Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight in 2014 will be prosecuted under Dutch law in a court in the Netherlands. Most of the victims were Dutch, but Koenders said that in total they came from 17 countries spread across five continents. Most were Dutch citizens.

Russian Federation has rejected the JIT's conclusions.

Liow Tiong Lai made the remarks after it was reported that those responsible for shooting down MH17 almost three years ago in eastern Ukraine may face prosecution in the Netherlands, where the majority of the 283 passengers on board the flight were coming from.

Now the countries leading the joint investigation team - Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine - have agreed that any trials will be carried out within the Dutch legal system.

An worldwide criminal probe concluded past year that the missile that destroyed the passenger jet was sacked from rebel-controlled territory by a mobile launcher trucked in from Russian Federation. "MH17 has shown how a shared tragedy can lead to close worldwide co-operation and a determination to see that justice is done".

Although there are suspects, reports NOS, nobody has yet been charged and there are doubts about whether it would be possible to extradite anybody from Ukraine or Russian Federation against their will. Suspects could be tried in absentia.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said the decision to hold a trial in the Netherlands was the "next step on the way to uncover the truth, the prosecution of suspects and satisfaction for the bereaved".

The Russian defence ministry released what it claimed was satellite imagery showing a Ukrainian fighter jet firing a missile at the airliner - but this was quickly debunked as a crude fake and Moscow dropped that line of argument.

No suspects have yet been named.

  • Eleanor Harrison