Look! JAY-Z's '4:44' Album Is Officially Platinum

The rapper's "4:44" album has gone platinum less than a week after its release on Tidal, the Recording Industry Association of America announced Wednesday.

A separate post from the RIAA says that with the latest platinum certification, JAY-Z has the distinction of having more platinum (or higher) albums than any other hip-hop artist.

That would explain how an album released exclusively in a digital platform could sell the streaming equivalent of one million sales (1.5 billion streams) in just five days. The album was accidentally leaked a few hours before its official release; however, according to Grace Kim, TIDAL's Director of Marketing, over 1.4 million copies were still legally downloaded in less than 24 hours - 15 to be exact.

"Props to JAY, he's done it again!" the RIAA also tweeted alongside a photo of the rapper posing with his plaque.

Not all of 4:44's sale numbers came from Tidal streams. However, on Monday this rule was changed and all Tidal subscribers now have access to the full album. The RIAA didn't even count streams toward a gold or platinum album certification until past year, when it made 1,500 track streams equivalent to one album sale.

Jay-Z has been a lot of things over the course of his career, but vulnerable has rarely been one of them. It was free for customers, but in actuality, Sprint had already paid for the albums.

While "4:44" was met immediately with praise from fans and critics alike, it may not quite be the instant hit that it seemed at first blush. In the space of five days, Jay-Z has sold more than one million copies of 4:44 in the U.S. - instantly giving him the sixth biggest-selling album of the year. Yes, the cut from Jay-Z's recently released 4:44 album has made its way to YouTube. Either way, the streaming service lags far behind Apple Music's 27 million subscribers, and even further behind Spotify's 50 million subscribers.

  • Santos West