Splatoon 2 Is getting a Companion App For Mobile

The Nintendo Switch online app finally has a confirmed release date: July 21st.

Nintendo also went into further detail about Splatoon's accompanying smartphone application, the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Today's Splatoon 2 Direct showed a lobby system that will be familiar to players of Arms, with avatars visualised on screen as they dance around a virtual room. This section will keep you updated on stage schedules for ranked matches, allow you to set up matches with your friends, communicate, check out your stats for your last 50 matches and watch your lifetime inkage.

SplatNet 2 isn't just a direct sequel to SplatNet - it's so much more.

Once the full online service rolls out next year, players will have to pay $19.99 per year to access online multiplayer and use the Nintendo Switch Online app.

If single-player is more your thing, the single-player mode also sees you going on an adventure to find Callie of the Squid Sisters.

The basic service, which includes online gameplay and voice chat (for designated games), will remain free until the paid version debuts next year. It looks like friends can be invited from your social media contacts, your Nintendo Switch Friends List, or from a list of people you've battled against previously. There's even a "Share" button available so you can post battles for some bragging rights.

We'll get a small taste of Splatoon 2 ahead of its July 21 release thanks to a new free demo.

Annie is planning to open an online store called "SplatNet Shop"!

  • Joey Payne