Amazon Running Pre-Prime Day Promotions

Amazon Running Pre-Prime Day Promotions


Within 3-4 days (in time for Prime Day), you'll get an email confirming that your credit has been applied. This will be the third year of this annual promotional event. If you'd rather not hover over Amazon all day, we will be highlighting the very best Prime Day has to offer.

While customers get huge discounts on a variety of products, what is in it for Amazon apart from heavy losses?

Yes, Amazon will make serious bank if it sells millions of items on its special day, but nothing is more valuable to a business than annuities, fixed, recurring payments that can be relied on a monthly or yearly basis. The Amazon Prime Day had undoubtedly broken some records of Black Friday. Last year, the sales on this day shot up to $525 million, up 26% YoY.

Amazon doesn't share its Prime subscriber numbers, but one recent estimate put it at 80 million. Analysts expect this year's sales volume to go even higher.

If you have an Alexa-enabled device, like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, you'll have access to some exclusive discounts through your devices too. Amazon's competitors, like Wal-Mart, will likely also be slashing their prices dramatically in order to compete.

There will be new deals as often as every five minutes and a total of 30 hours of shopping. Through this weekend, Amazon is running a few promotions that you can snag right now.

If you are not a paid Amazon Prime member, get a free trial membership. Voice shoppers will also get early access to Prime Day deals two hours before the general public on July 10.

With the traffic tied to Amazon Prime Day, inventory on certain products does not stand a chance.

Along with the Swift 2 X information the leak also revealed that the the Wileyfox Spark X, one of its mid-range smartphone offerings, was also getting a fat discount during Amazon Prime Day. A slight deceleration in Prime membership wouldn't mean doomsday, either. will be live blogging the entire Prime Day 2017 sale with Black Friday comparisons.

There are several benefits for Amazon. Still, Amazon had another good quarter. Amazon is upping the bar for other e-commerce sites and at the same time hoping to turn its own non-profitable logistics into a cost-effective endeavour. Everyone thinks that the next big wave of delivery technology from Amazon is going to be drones, but that's just a shiny sideshow.

So make sure you're signed up for Prime before the 10. One in three Prime members orders more than 4 times in a month while every 1 in 10 non-prime members do the same. According to their data, the latest figure is up 35% from 63 million a year ago, and membership has doubled from just over 40 million back in 2015.

  • Terrell Bush