Migos Ejected From Delta Flight in Atlanta

Migos are mad as hell after they were kicked off a Delta flight on Friday (July 7).

Delta later issued a statement to Variety saying the rapper "repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins", causing the captain to return the plane to the gate.

Migos was seated on a flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Des Moines, Iowa, when the pilot returned to the gate and called for rapper Takeoff's removal, TMZ reported.

Their manager said the three members of the group were in first class, and Takeoff's bag was on the ground and not in the overhead storage as required.

By the time the plane taxied to the runway, his book bag was still on the floor and the pilot made a decision to abort takeoff and boot Takeoff.

TMZ reports that Migos had boarded a flight from Atlanta to Des Moines but, apparently, they didn't get too far.

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The video shows the confrontation on the jetway, and there were lots of accusations and threats of lawsuit.

In video posted by TMZ, the manager is heard telling a Delta crew member that they were going to sue because the group did nothing wrong. They have since been rebooked on another flight and are scheduled to land in Iowa about 9 p.m.

After Takeoff was put off, Offset, Quavo and their manager also got off the plane, but their story was a little different.

They have a 10 PM show scheduled in Des Moines.

Migos has a show in Des Moines now scheduled for 10 p.m. Watch a video of the incident below.

  • Kyle Peterson