PM Turnbull: 'When Britain is attacked we feel attacked too'

At a joint news conference in London with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Turnbull was asked how long it would take to secure a trade deal after Brexit. "At the same time, we are looking forward to the early conclusion of a free trade agreement with the European Union".

'It was a very moving visit... and I want to say how much we admire the outstanding response of your police arriving on the scene so quickly, dealing with the terrorists so effectively and decisively.

He is also aiming to conclude an FTA with the European Union by 2019.

"Australians are fleet of foot, we don't muck around ... we will move as quickly as the United Kingdom is able to move".

The UK can not negotiate trade deals with other countries until after it formally leaves the European Union, but has already set up a working party to look at the issues involved.

Turnbull and May both showed a relaxed demeanour, having known each other for decades after first meeting while at university.

The pair also joked about cricket, with May revelling in England's victory over Australia, before adding: "That's the women's cricket of course".

Malcolm Turnbull and Theresa May have met Australian ambulance officers and British police who responded to last month's terror attack in London.

During the visit to the market, accompanied by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, May said they had "paid tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and emergency services who undoubtedly prevented further loss of life, and the heroism of local business owners who shielded people from the terrorists".

Kirsty Boden (L) and Sara Zelenak were killed in the London terror attacks.

The speech, delivered at Centre-Right think tank Policy Exchange, will be seen as a direct rebuke of his predecessor Tony Abbott, who has spent many months publicly condemning the direction of the party under Mr Turnbull's stewardship. "We are family in a historical sense, we are family in a genetical sense".

Lockheed's Australian arm and Naval Group will collaborate with Australia's defense department to produce a fleet of 12 submarines for the Royal Australian Navy, Lockheed said Sunday.

But Senator Cormann insisted Australia was a close ally and trusted trading partner which is not responsible for the issues the USA is concerned about.

May said that she and Turnbull had discussed cooperation in the fight against terrorism and in denying the use of the internet as a "safe space" for extremist groups by cracking down on end-to-end encryption of information on messaging platforms.

The Australian leader is also scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth II in London.

  • Rogelio Becker