Houston Nutt files lawsuit against Ole Miss' athletic foundation

Decline comment on specific matters, defer to a future meeting with the Committee of Infractions and say things like, "It's the lot that we have inherited and we have caused in some cases".

However, since this is the summer of lawsuits in the State of Mississippi I figure there is a good attorney somewhere drafting a class-action suit on behalf of Ole Miss football fans.

Former Ole Miss Head Football Coach Houston Nutt is accusing the school and it's athletics foundation of conspiring to defame him.

Freeze has led the Rebels the past five seasons, and Ole Miss has been under investigation by the NCAA for almost five years.

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze wasn't in a great mood during his session at SEC Media Days.

In addition to facing almost two dozen NCAA allegations over recruiting violations - including the recruitment of offensive tackle Laramy Tunsil of Lake City - Freeze and other university officials became defendants in a defamation of character and breach of contract lawsuit filed on Wednesday by former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt, who alleges Freeze and the Ole Miss administration enlisted the media in "a deceitful strategy" to claim most of the violations occurred when Nutt was the coach from 2008-2011. "One of our finest moments could be the fact that our team could model for whoever chooses to watch us, for the Ole Miss family, for whatever outsiders, you know when all of this is said and done and we're able to move forward", Freeze said. "I have my opinions, but I just can't comment on the case".

Later, Freeze admitted that his program did create the cloud swirling over it.

The lawsuit alleges that Freeze, athletic director Ross Bjork and others were "determined to deflect and delay the potential damage" from the NCAA investigation while the program was trying to maintain momentum and recruit at a high level. But you can't, we've got to be responsible for the areas in which we were deficient in, that we didn't, that we didn't either react or act properly, or whether it was staff or whether it was boosters. I could be wrong but in NCAA enforcement terms I believe they call that lack of institutional control. "Coach Freeze falsely stated that most, if not all, of the NCAA's allegations involved "Houston Nutt" and his staff". Ole Miss players at Media Days rallied behind their coach. The NCAA has accused Ole Miss of 21 rules violations committed by both current and former members of the coaching staff. Shea Patterson is another star quarterback in the making. It's a big deal to be away from a game you once loved and I understand the need to coach again.

  • Stacy Allen