Turkey PM to propose extending state of emergency

"We are concerned that, under the state of emergency, at least nine Americans and one consulate employee have been detained and imprisoned on what appear to be false charges".

Turkey's justice ministry said on Friday that the European Court of Human Rights had rejected half of the almost 25,000 appeals submitted by Turkish citizens affected by the purge following last year's failed coup.

"It is out of question that our own people or anybody from among worldwide investors has suffered under the state of emergency", Erdogan said.

Green Party member Carl Schlyter expressed hope the European countries will also think about taking similar step.

During his speech, he also slammed the decision of some European countries forbidding Turkish officials from rallies or addressing their expatriate citizens.

"For us", Celik said, "a terrorist attack in Ankara, Baghdad, Islamabad, Paris or Manchester should equally be condemned".

Erdogan maintained the same position on the jailed journalists and those who ask questions about it during his G20 meeting in Hamburg last week.

He said western countries were not even allowing Turkish ministers to speak to their people. When it comes to it, they talk about freedoms.

Avci's earlier film "The Chief" was released in March ahead of an April referendum on boosting the president's powers.

He said he had clearly told French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "No offence, but we will not pass it in our parliament as long as the promises made to us are not delivered".

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, who is Family and Social Policies Minister, said Turkey's fight against terrorism was important not only for her country but for Europe and beyond as well.

"The people of Turkey were united as a whole, including opposition parties and civil society organizations, as they stood against the coup", he said.

  • Rogelio Becker