Aladdin Live-Action Cast Revealed

Will Smith, as previously announced, will take on the voice of the Genie. As well as locking down the talent involved, it was revealed that the film will not be a direct adaptation of the 1992 animation.

Scott was most recently seen as the Pink Ranger in Saban's "Power Rangers". The announcement came on the heels of rumors the studio was conducting a global search in an attempt to find cast members of Middle Eastern or Indian descent.

Massoud, known for Nickelodeon series Open Heart, is somewhat of a newcomer to mainstream film whereas Scott made her big-screen debut earlier this year in Power Rangers. Will Smith was in talks on to play the magic man, Deadline reported in April.

Aladdin is one of Disney's most beloved and successful classics earning more than $504 million worldwide and the characters are prominent at the company's theme parks.

Mena Massoud, an Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised actor, will play Aladdin.

Will Smith will voice the Genie. However, reports suggest Ritchie is considering Tom Hardy to play the film's main antagonist since he is a huge fan of the actor's work.

Aladdin is set to begin shooting in August in London. Dan Lin, who worked with Ritchie in the two Sherlock Holmes movies, is producing Aladdin. The retelling is expected to keep the musical elements from the animated version.

  • Kyle Peterson