Pennsylvania Man Confesses to Partaking in Murder of Four Men

A person with first-hand knowledge of DiNardo's confession said he killed the men after he felt cheated or threatened during three drug transactions and then burned their bodies at his family's farm. He was bailed out shortly after but was arrested a week later on stolen auto charges.

Cosmo DiNardo was arrested after investigators found he tried to sell a missing young man's auto the day after he vanished. His auto was found on the DiNardo family property during the search.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub couldn't find in a motive for the slayings at the farm in Solebury Township. Three other young men disappeared Friday.

Finocchiaro, 22-year-old Mark Sturgis, 21-year-old Tom Meo and 19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick have been missing since last week.

July 13: Weintraub announces Finocchiaro's remains have been identified after being found with other remains on the Lower York Road property.

The attorney, Paul Lang, would not immediately say if there were any conspirators to the homicides, that report says.

Cosmo DiNardo has confessed to "participating in or committing" in the murders of four men in Bucks County, according to Associated Press reports.

Police took Cosmo DiNardo, 20, into custody Monday on a February firearms possession charge that was dismissed but refiled. Neither his lawyer nor his parents have returned calls for comment. He said investigators were also working across the county.

Both Cosmo's cell phone and the phones belonging to both of his parents have been seized by investigators as they try to piece together a timeline of Cosmo's whereabouts since last Wednesday, when the first of the young men, Jimi Patrick, went missing. The gun charge he was held on cites a history of mental illness. He's been arrested on a weapons charge.

Who are the men who disappeared? .

At least some of the missing men are friends, but it's unclear how well they knew DiNardo, if at all.

Authorities have focused their search on a large swath of farmland in Solebury Township, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Philadelphia.

Video aired by KYW-TV showed the handcuffed Dinardo emerging from a meeting with authorities and telling reporters "I'm sorry" when asked what he had to say to the families of the men.

DiNardo is now only being held on firearms charges but he is considered a suspect of interest in the disappearances of the four men.

  • Rogelio Becker