Delta Reacts To Ann Coulter's Criticism, Twitter Supports Airline

Coulter called the Atlanta-based carrier "the worst airline in America" after a disagreement on Saturday. "Coulter tweeted an image of the woman who took her seat, adding that "@Delta didn't give my extra room seat to an air marshall or tall person.

"At the time of boarding, Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A, a window seat, when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests", the statement said.

Delta responded via Twitter on Sunday, apologizing for Coulter not receiving her pre-booked seat she paid for and offering a refund.

This situation, by the way, was not the other passenger's fault, and any sympathy that one might have had for Coulter evaporated when she kept volleying insults about this perceived injustice.

People have long memories and one tweet evidenced this beautifully.

Coulter has managed to use her alleged inconvenience by Delta to shoehorn her complaints about everything from the Affordable Care Act to immigration.

The conservative commentator said she was told the seat was given to the woman, who appeared to be sitting with her family, for an "emergency".

"Ann Coulter was tripping over $30".

Coulter first Tweeted that she was "kicked out of a carefully pre-booked seat to a less desirable seat, without explanation, apology, etc".

According to Delta, Coulter was initially given a window seat, but she modified it to an aisle seat within 24 hours of the flight's departure. I would like to look into this further. But it was unclear exactly how much she paid, until now.

Coulter continued her rant well into Sunday by bashing Delta flight attendants and gate agents as "Nurse Ratchets". But the airline wasn't down with her insults.

Coulter unleashed her fury against the airline in a Twitter rant that took off about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. A spokesman for the airline confirmed with HuffPost that Coulter was on a flight from La Guardia Airport in NY to Florida on Saturday.

"$30! It cost me $10,000 of my time to pre-select the seat I wanted, investigate type of plane & go back periodically to review seat options", Coulter wrote on Twitter.

Nevertheless, some of Ann's fans jumped to her defense.

  • Kyle Peterson