Google jumps into job recruitment market with new cloud software

Messages written to candidates are synced between Gmail and Hire, so recruiting team members can reach out from either platform while tracking communication with candidates from their own inbox. At the tim, e the missing piece in that announcement was helping businesses with job hiring tools.

With the app, businesses can manage job postings, identify talent, screen and interview candidates and collect interview feedback.

Through Google Hire, an HR manager can view the schedules of all the employees who will be part of the interview process, thanks to an integration with Google Calendar. "With the introduction of Hire, customers now have a hiring app alongside G Suite's familiar, easy-to-use tools that can help them run an efficient recruiting process".

A lot of tools that employees rely on at work are clunky, unintuitive and hard to learn-endless configuration options, tables and lists and mind-numbing data entry. All of this and more will be tracked and included in a pipeline directly in the Google Hire application so you'll be able to analyze and visualize the data directly in Google sheets.

Google says Hire is meant to help businesses do away with manually tracking candidates.

Hire is the latest product offering from Google to address the talent marketplace.

At Google I/O this year, we learned about a new project Google took on to solve a job recruitment issue that they have noticed over the last few years. Hire addresses the needs of our G Suite customers-making it easier to hire the right people.

Google Hire is available today for purchase in the US for all businesses under 1,000 employees that use G Suite.

  • Joey Payne