Altidore´s girlfriend: Only I can grab Jozy´s nipples!

El Salvador had the better of the play the first 30 minutes of the second half but fell to 0-6 in Gold Cup quarterfinals.

"My girl's mad at me", Altidore said, per The Associated Press. "She's like "Only I can bite you, only I can grab your nipples", he said. "I'm going to go back to the hotel and talk to her about that, she what she says", he joked.

Lichaj coughed up the ball to Rodolfo Zelaya in the third minute for a breakaway, but goalkeeper Tim Howard raced off his line to knock the ball away from Zelaya at the top of the penalty area. Altidore said he had never been bitten before, at least not without his permission. That's insane. [Nipple twisting], that should be allowed, but biting, no good'.

Despite all the biting, nipple grabbing, and even a straight chop to the chest, El Salvador wasn't able to overcome an underwhelming performance by the U.S., losing 2-0 behind goals from the aforementioned Gonzalez and fellow defender Eric Lichaj.

Aside from Bradley's set-piece delivery on Gonzalez's goal and Howard's bailout of Lichaj, they had little effect on the USMNT other than making them look a bit out of sorts. They found the breakthrough in the 41st minute on a handsome set piece ball from Bradley to Gonzalez, but, in the run of play, they weren't challenging the El Salvador back line enough.

"I thought we had a hard time tonight", Arena said. There are fantastic moments like the goal against El Salvador, but earlier in the match he whiffed a back pass and nearly allowed an easy goal, but was saved by the grace of a Tim Howard stop. Midfield spacing and connection was an issue, as it was in the group stage-although this time more of the problems occurred defensively.

The USMNT leapt out to a 2-0 first-half lead over El Salvador thanks to goals from two unlikely players.

Here's another fun one for you to ponder: With his composure in a rapid fire, pressure packed moment in front of goal, where does Eric Lichaj rank on the striker depth chart for this US team? His rather ineptitude of refereeing was a stain on the entire game and at times it seemed as though the players could have called their own fouls and have gotten more calls correct than Fischer.

"We've got to get them better service", said Howard of the two forwards.

Before the United States progresses to take on Costa Rica in the Gold Cup semifinals, let's take a look at this in a fitting homage to the way it played out. I'm sure they will do what they're supposed to do.

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