Android Amazon App To Get Alexa Integration Via Latest Update

After introducing Alexa to iPhone users by making the feature available within the retailer's main shopping app this March, Amazon is now rolling out the voice assistant to its Android app, starting next week.

Nick Schwab, an Alexa developer, noticed that Alexa was added to the Amazon mobile app for Android, posting the good news on Twitter.

On iOS, the in-app version of Alexa is capable of doing everything it does on an Echo, Dot, or Tap speaker, including summoning a Uber, asking for sports scores, or playing music. At that point in time, it only said that Android users would also get Alexa inside the Amazon app in the future.

Amazon is yet to make a formal announcement about Alexa for its Android app but the company has confirmed that it's going to roll out the integration later this week. The message, which can be read in its entirety below, stated that Alexa was now available through the application.

However, some reports say that it does not seem like there is a need to perform these tasks from the Amazon app.

Amazon is likely relying on it's flagship retailer app's massive reach to market Alexa's capabilities to a bigger customer base, including those who don't know what Alexa is or what she does.

GraphIQ pulled back its service offerings and announced in June that it would no longer support publishers, presumably to refocus its efforts on Amazon-related ventures. "Go out and buy an Echo device to take advantage of Alexa even further". It brought Alexa to a wider audience by integrating the assistant into its main shopping app.

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  • Eleanor Harrison