CAG raps Railways for serving foodstuff 'unsuitable' for consumption

Ever wondered about the quality of the food that is served in the Indian railways?

The country's top auditor on Friday criticised the catering services of the Indian Railways saying that food served in railways was unsuitable for human consumption and contaminated.

During the course of inspection, which was done by the a joint team of the CAG team and the Railways at selected 74 stations and 80 trains, it was found that waste bins were not covered, not emptied regularly and not washed. In which the lack of cleanliness was found in the station and train catering units. The report also stated that, "Unpurified water straight from tap. used in preparation of beverages".

"Deficiencies in respect of quality of food served were noticed", the CAG report noted.

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CAG raps Railways for serving foodstuff 'unsuitable' for consumption

In response to a passenger survey during July- October 2016, over a fifth (22 per cent) of the passengers that low-priced combo food, Jan Ahaar/regional cuisine, food.a-la carte items were not available.

The CAG also suggested that the railways take steps to stop unfair practices such as over charging, serving food stuff less than the prescribed quantity, selling non-authorised food items on stations and in trains, non-exhibition of price card and not issuing receipts for the foodstuff sold by catering service providers.

Ships and submarines of the Indian Navy were involved in 38 accidents from 2007 to 2016, which adversely impacted the operations of the force, says a CAG report. It pointed out that prices of food articles were significantly higher than the market.

The CAG, in a report tabled in Parliament on Friday, said its audit indicated "total understatement of adjusted gross revenue (AGR) of Rs. 61,064.56 crore" by six operators. "Audit observed that though a complaint redressal system has been put in place, there is no reduction in the number of complaints over the years", the report said.

  • Joey Payne