Firefighters rescue pup from house fire

Tuesday morning when firefighters rescued a dog from a burning house they used the specialized mask to save the little guy.

The fire department has been widely praised for its rescue, with hundreds of comments thanking the crew for their bravery.

When they carried jack outside he appeared to be lifeless, but firefighters worked to revive him using the masks that are specifically created to resuscitate pets.

The firefighters' good deed paid off as the dog came to on camera, panting heavily but alert.

And it worked. At the end of the 2-minute video Jack's owner picks him up and carries him away.

"I thought Jack was going to die", he said. He was then reunited with his anxious owners, a married couple who were unharmed by the fire.

The dog was taken to a veterinary hospital where medics discovered burns on his paws and respiratory tract injuries. They found "Jack" unresponsive, inside the burning home.

Jack was under the care of a veterinarian until Thursday, when he was reunited with his owners and his rescuer, Smith.

  • Santos West