German girl arrested in Iraq is missing Linda Wenzel, say authorities

The girl named only as Linda W. for privacy reasons, is now getting consular assistance from the German embassy in Iraq, Prosecutor Lorenz Haase from the eastern German city of Dresden said.

Arrested by Iraqi forces, she was part of a group of 20 women Isis supporters from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Libya and Syria who had barricaded themselves with guns and explosives in a tunnel underneath the ruins of Mosul's old city.

Police arrested 12 persons suspected of belonging to the Islamic State terror organization and 13 imams of mosques in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, officials said.

They said she had been working with the Islamic State police department. They could face the death penalty in Iraq for belonging to the militant group, the magazine added. It began in May past year when she met online a Muslim preacher from Hamburg who sent her a copy of the Quran which she brought to school every day. They said Linda W. was one of 26 foreigners arrested in Mosul since the retreat of the extremists there. The girl reportedly did not make a secret out of her conversion to Islam, eventually asking her school's headmaster if she could wear a headscarf. The officials said she is now being held together with other foreign women at a prison near Baghdad's airport.

The girl has so far not made a statement, but she will be interrogated by Iraqi security personnel in the presence of German interpreters because she lacks proficient Arabic-language skills, officials said. He demanded a parliamentary committee to look into the issue and said it should be sent to Mosul in Iraq to know the reality first-hand.

Germany's foreign ministry declined to comment on the report.

The three other women are allegedly of Moroccan, Algerian, and Chechen origin.

In Mosul, ISIS fighters have dressed up as women to flee the city but were caught by Iraqi authorities.

It is expected that children will be handed over to the authorities of their countries of origin, while adults will be charged with terrorism.

She had converted to Islam shortly before she ran away from home a year ago. She described the teenager's family as very reclusive.

  • Rogelio Becker