California teen arrested after 'live streaming fatal vehicle crash'

Los Banos investigators aren't confirming the filming of the live video is linked to the fatal crash, but they are investigating the possibility.

A friend of friend of Sanchez's named Mary Hernandez recorded a copy of the video before it disappeared from Instagram Stories.

Sanchez's sister, Jacqueline Sanchez, was reportedly ejected from the vehicle and killed.

"I love my sister to death". A female is heard in the video saying, "Hey, everybody, if I go to fucking jail for life, you already know why". According to the Daily Mail, she is 14 years old and was badly injured in the crash.

Ms Sanchez Estrada, meanwhile, was sitting in the back of the auto without a seat belt and was killed when she was ejected from the vehicle.

Sheriff Vern Warnke of Merced County, California, said in a statement that Jacqueline had not been wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle crashed around 6:45 PM on Friday.

Officials say Jacqueline Sanchez, 14, was thrown through the back windscreen of the 2003 Buick when Ms Sanchez over corrected after swerving almost off the edge of the road. The other passenger sustained major trauma to her right leg, according to KTXL.

Obdulia is now being held at Merced County Jail on charges of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence and DUI. I don't fucking care at all.

Then came tragedy, live-streamed in a horrifying Instagram video.

"This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us, but it just did", she added.

"Jacqueline, please wake up! I love you rest in peace, sweetie".

In the back seat are the two younger girls, the driver's sister and a 14-year-old from Fresno.

The California Highway Patrol report states that the two girls were sitting in the backseat and were not wearing seatbelts.

Obdulia is charged with DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Furthermore, family members have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the funeral of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was about to celebrate her quincenera - the Hispanic tradition of honoring someone's coming of age at 15-years-old.

  • Rogelio Becker