Priebus the latest official to leave Trump administration

The big open question for Kelly now is whether he can impose order on an unruly, undisciplined, and shell-shocked White House team. "He is a Great American. and a Great Leader".

A Marine, Kelly served in the military for almost five decades and served in positions including chief of Southern Command, senior assistant to the secretary of defense and legislative liaison to Congress, and he served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reince Priebus is the former Chairman of the RNC. He was the highest-ranking officer to lose a child in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But Kelly did not gel with the previous administration, and his military career ended on a sour note in January 2016 after he repeatedly clashed with the Obama White House. This White House will remain stuck in neutral unless Kelly can convince Trump to settle down and let him navigate a steadier ship.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted: "You may not be a "paranoiac" if they're actually out to get you". The Senate will have to vote to confirm whomever he chooses.

Kelly's friends and former colleagues describe him as a consummate Marine - loyal to his commander, his mission and his troops.

Outgoing Homeland Security Secretary and new White House chief of staff John Kelly is thanking the staff at DHS for the opportunity to serve as their secretary.

Kelly retired from the army this year. But says he was not prepared to become the political lightning rod that his new position has made him. "As for John Kelly, I know he's going to be great".

Panetta suspects Kelly is particularly uncomfortable when it comes to "schmoozing" politicians, which is a key part of the job.

"So, back in my neighborhood in Boston, a working-class neighborhood, when you got your draft notice, you went down, and you took your draft physical".

"I want to congratulate John Kelly, who has done an incredible job of Secretary of Homeland Security", Trump said. Another person said: "Man, the West Wing must have a revolving door on it". However, Kelly hasn't responded constructively to that criticism, picking fights with Congress when he ought to be building bridges (or walls, as the case may be). His appointment fuelled concerns about an increase in military influence in the Trump White House. Kamala Harris, a Democrat on the homeland security committee in the upper chamber. "We take care of them in a way that is more than in my opinion what they deserve", he told troops at Guantanamo in November 2015.

Kelly acknowledges that when he took over DHS, his department was created to be less responsive to Congress and the press, something he realized over time he should work to correct.

Kelly has formed a bond with the president over recent months that was fortified when he aggressively defended the travel ban policy and has only grown stronger since then, with Trump telling aides that he sees Kelly as someone who dutifully follows through on his agenda and does not ever cause him problems, according to two White House officials.

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