Powerful bomb explosion kills over 20 Shia Muslims in western Afghanistan

Also in mid-June this year, Takfiri terrorists killed several people and wounded several others in a bomb attack at a Shia mosque in Kabul.

According the report, the blast took place in a Shiite mosque in the west of the city.

A suicide bomber stormed into the largest Shiite Muslim mosque in Afghanistan's Herat province Tuesday night opening fire on worshippers before blowing himself up, killing at least 29 and wounding 64 others, 10 of them critically, said hospital official Dr. Mohammed Rafique Shehrzai.

Abdulhai Walizada, a local police spokesman, said there appeared to be more than one attacker, with a suicide bomber who detonated explosives and another who threw grenades at worshippers.

"More than 20 bodies, and more than 30 wounded have so far been brought to the hospital", hospital spokesman Rafeeq Shirzai told AFP, referring to the attack on the Jawadya mosque.

"There has been an explosion at the gate of Jawadia Mosque in Herat city, possibly caused by a auto bomb. They are both dead", he added.

Officials have warned that the death toll is likely to rise. So-called Islamic State (IS) said it had carried out that attack.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Shi'ites are a minority in Afghanistan and have been the target of violent attacks by hardline Sunni militants over the past year.

  • Rogelio Becker