Netflix Releases Thrilling First Trailer for David Fincher's 'Mindhunter'

The series was also executive produced by Charlize Theron. The upcoming series follows two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents (Jonathan Groff & Holt McCallany) who set out to interview serial killers and understand the psychology behind psychopaths. Like Zodiac, it's based on a non-fiction crime book: "John Douglas" Mind Hunter: "Inside FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit.

Baby-faced Broadway favorite Jonathan Groff has us super excited for the new Netflix crime series Mindhunter!

The trailer explores the difficulty the agents have in dealing with the killers they encounter and their attempts at decoding their fascination with murder.

Well, Netflix may have the flawless series to keep you occupied and creeped out. "How do we get ahead of insane if we don't know how insane thinks?" one of the characters ponders at one point in the trailer. Also featured is Anna Torv as a psychologist named Wendy - a character based on Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess. Do you think that delving into this darkness will affect our protagonists? The whole concept of criminal profiling grew from these studies and are now a regular method of hunting serial killers...even the term serial killer came from these studies.

The 10-episode first season drops on Netflix October 13, just in time for you to binge it all before Halloween (and Stranger Things 2).

Watch the trailer for "Mindhunter" below.

  • Kyle Peterson