Three killed in shootout at Moscow court

Five handcuffed defendants attempted to escape as they were escorted into the Moscow Regional Court by two guards on Tuesday, officials from Russia's Investigative Committee said.

One tried to strangle a guard before the defendants seized the guards' weapons and the group managed to escape, the investigative committee said.

At the point when the lift they were in opened on the third floor, Russian National Guard officers opened fire.

Diana Tatosova, a lawyer for the defendants, told Reuters that she was told by the chief investigator in the case that of the 11 defendants in the court, three had been killed. Rubasskaya was in the building at the moment of the incident.

She told TASS: "We were at a different session when heard shots fired". We began to be evacuated. I saw a wounded woman bailiff, her face in blood. Two of the three were taken to hospital. One of the officers was shot in a shoulder and guards received multiple traumas. "They have gunshot wounds of medium degree of gravity", the spokesman said.

The incident happened when five defendants facing murder charges were taken to the court in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogors, a spokeswoman for the Moscow regional police said.

They were dubbed the "Grand Theft Auto" gang by Russian media over apparent similarities with the ultra-violent video game.

The gathering of Central Asian nationals was associated with murdering 17 drivers in the Moscow range in the vicinity of 2012 and 2014.

  • Rogelio Becker